Game Oven's whimsical dancing game for two players, with choreography by the Dutch National Ballet. Twist and twirl elegantly, or get entangled with a friend.

Holding either end of a device, you tilt the device around a virtual sphere following a path of rings. You swing your arms and twist your body, and before you know it, you are already dancing.

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Praise & recognition


Nuovo Award Finalist

Independent Games Festival, San Francisco, 2015


Best New Media Production Winner

€ 7.500, Cinekid, Amsterdam, 2014


Innovation Award Finalist

Game Developers Choice Awards, San Francisco, 2015


Best Co-Production

Dutch Game Awards, Utrecht, 2014
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A mobile dancing game

Bounden is a mix of Twister and ballet. You use your phone as a guide to dance or get entangled with someone else. So, you pull out your phone, ask another person to put down a thumb, and move synchronously to dance together. Play at a bar, a great museum, while you're hitting an oil rig, during a date, during work hours, while smoking a pipe or as a performance, even with other couples playing at the same time.

The way the game guides you to dance is through markers on a ball. You have to see it to understand it, but technically you look down at a ball like a satellite would look down at Earth. You bring the center of the screen to the markers. And that's how you find the two of you dancing.

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